4.35 m

Paris’ Seine River has flooded and risen, not at the level of 2016 (6.10m), but still at significant level (4.35m last Monday).

Reduced perspectives. New lines.

The tide came up as the sun went down,

And the river was full to its very brim,

And a little boat crept up to the town

On the muddy wave, in the morning dim.

FLOOD TIE, A. W. H. Eaton

Pictures: Fujifilm X-Pro3 – 35mm f1.4

A different Paris

Around Paris 75013

I have spent 3 hours with Thomas from ThomasApp in one of his interesting ‘atelier argentique’ last Sunday. Weather was not the best, but he took me and my 35mm Konica in a different Paris, away from the ‘usual’ places. 3 hours of walking, talking film photography, discovering.

From Place d’Italia, down to Bilioteque F.Mitterrand and the Seine and back through the ‘China Town’. It was a nice surprise. Unexpected.

I love my Fujifilm X-Pro3, but film photography is liberating. A therapy. Maybe I love my X-Pro3 also because it is so close to film photography….

I used a 28mm for the first time: it is wide! So much to fill – but that area of Paris was perfect for wide angle lens.

Will return, seeking for a different light …..

Pictures: Konica T4 – 28mm f.3.5

Stay Focused

Moulin Rouge – 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris

1 February. New light restrictions introduced to avoid a new lockdown in France. In practical terms, for most people, this results in closing shopping malls +20.000sq.

Another reminder to remain focused on prevention and to not underestimate the health situation, despite of the hope of vaccins.

Picture: Fujifilm X-Pro3 – Industar-50 50mm F3.5

Tutto questo futuro – Happy New Year!

Basilique du Sacré-Coer, 75018 Paris

“Il tempo cancella le intenzioni del cuore
forse questo rimane per la gente come noi
stare vicini, pensare più piano,
capirsi con gli occhi e non perdersi.

Amore, mia speranza con gli occhi sinceri,
io non ho voluto perderti mai.

Eppure mi piace tutto questo futuro
e anche il tempo sprecato che non vedo già più.

Io e te, in mezzo al mondo,
siamo un pugno di fiori.

Ora passa la notte e, come senti,
non piove più.”

(Ivano Fossati, Tutto Questo Futuro)

Picture: Fuji X-PRO3 – Helios 44-2 f.2.0

2020: a year in Paris in 12 pictures. Around me

What a year! We will remember it: for the health concerns, for the lockdown, for the empty streets, for the home working, for the masks, for the change of habits, behaviours, care. For the sacrifices.

But mainly because it forced us to focus on the essential, on what it really matters to us.

Paris still remained around me, and not just because of the absence of travels. I have taken 12 pictures, one for each month. One only. To describe this city.

Bonne Année!