2020: a year in Paris in 12 pictures. Around me

What a year! We will remember it: for the health concerns, for the lockdown, for the empty streets, for the home working, for the masks, for the change of habits, behaviours, care. For the sacrifices. But mainly because it forced us to focus on the essential, on what it really matters to us. Paris stillContinue reading “2020: a year in Paris in 12 pictures. Around me”

The rose and the bird

Sunday, mid-morning. Sitting on a small table, notebook, pen and thoughts. A coffee as a companion. A rose behind me, the sound of a bird somewhere in the air. Not a voice, not a rumor. Peaceful, restful, relaxing. We all need these moments. Picture: Fuji X100F – ISO 200 – F/2.8 – 1/300