Out of focus

Place Blanche, 75018- Paris

Sometimes it is not easy to have your objectives in focus. But you know the direction, you see some dots, and you have just to connect those. Or maybe you have been there already. You need to get close, trusting intuition, feelings, sensations.

Pictures: Fuji X-E1 with Fujinon XF 35 – f/1.4 – ISO 200 – 1/210sec

The rose and the bird

Placed Calvarie- 75018 Paris

Sunday, mid-morning. Sitting on a small table, notebook, pen and thoughts. A coffee as a companion.

A rose behind me, the sound of a bird somewhere in the air. Not a voice, not a rumor. Peaceful, restful, relaxing.

We all need these moments.

Picture: Fuji X100F – ISO 200 – F/2.8 – 1/300


Paris, somewhere

Erase. Re-write. Highlight. Do and undo. Find the traces of someone’s thoughts, imagining a sense. Or just a message. Walls in Paris hav a long history, but also a more recent one.

Picture: Fuji X100F – ISO 200 f/8.0 – 1/105


fit room – Home

Walking home from the office. Almost there. I call home

“Thibault, will come over, so we take a walk together?”

“Better no, I prefer to prepare my stuff, test my summer clothes, so mum will not stay overnight to make my luggage”  


Picture: Fuji X-E1 – Minolta 50mm – f.1.7


eScooter – Rue Moncey, 75009 Paris

It is not enough. Cities can create dedicated areas for recover eScooters but, still, at the end, it is a matter of respect, care, public attention. Unfortunately, such a scenes are quite frequent in Paris and, probably, somewhere else alike.

Picture: FujiX100F – f/8.0 – 1/80 – ISO 640 – ND filter on.


Rue d’Aumale – 75009 Paris

Searching for something special, authentic, special, unique. Keeping our own path: everything is possible if we look in the only right place, that one of wonderment and surprise. It is just a little bit hidden away.

Non si puo’ cercare un negozio di antiquariato in via del Corso

Ogni acquisto ha il suo luogo giusto e non tutte le strade sono un percorso.

Raro é trovare una cosa speciale nelle vetrine di una strada centrale

Per ogni cosa c’é un posto, ma quello della meraviglia

é solo un po’ più nascosto

(Niccolo’ Fabi – Il negozio di antiquariato) 

Picture: Fuji X-E1 – HELIOS 44-2 – 58mm f.2.8

That little sound

Paris Saint-Lazare from Place de l’Europe – Simone Veil 75008 Paris

I needed to take back to the office a trolley which I have at home since lockdown started.

I walked, as often I do, to get to work.

Ahh…. That little ‘unusual’ sound of the small wheels rolling on the ground, the bar to adjust, the inclination of the luggage to get through obstacles….everything sounded so strange, like a piece of memories of the travelling time…

….before the world stopped.

Picture: Fuji X-E1 – Auto Rikenon lens – 55mm f2.8 – manual focus

Reclaming space

Mini-terrasse – Rue Godot de Mauroy 75009 Paris

Interesting to observe how public space is being transformed, overnight. You can keep a bistro closed for more than 2 months (due COVID-19), but you can’t prevent ‘les habitués’ to get a glass, a coffee, a cigarette and spend some time in one of the many ‘terrace’ – As lockdown measures are lifted, many bistros take a parking-car-slot (at least one) to place tables (at least one).

Tradition & heath

Picture: Fuji X100F – f5.0 – 1/50 – ISO400

Open window

Le toits de Paris – Rue de Navarin 75009

“We’ll always have Paris.” – Howard Koch

It is no secret that I love Paris. It is a city that continues to attract me, and make me discover secret spot or unexpected details.

Yesterday, I have walked one floor up to visit my neighbour: this is the view I have found.


Picture : Fuji X100F f8 1/500 ISO 200