Around me is also about spontaneous stories, ordinary places, peaceful moments, stolen emotions.

#1 – Cour d’Honneur

This is a magic place. The light, the architecture. It can be calm and quite (early morning) or noisy and packed (in the afternoon). Here is how I saw it. See the visualstory

#2 – Metro Pigalle

Observing life and situations just around a metro station. A surprising experience. See the visual-story

#3 – Pas une de plus

For about a year, posters denouncing sexual abuse and femicides have popped up in Paris, Montmartre, but in other parts of the city. The poster-campaign is promoted by activists raising awareness on the growing problem of domestic violence, worsened during lockdown. See the gallery

#4 – Triangles – The Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid is made by 603 rhombus and and 70 triangular glass segments. Everyone who visits Paris has seen it.

#5 – La Rue Foyatier

“Rue Foyatier” is quite unique in Paris: it is a street which consists only of a long ramp of stairs. 222 steps, grouped into 9 sections of either 23 or 25 Steps. But there are more 

#6 – Exploring the Five senses

Just a personal exercise to explore simple details that are often overlooked. Around me.

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