The rose and the bird

Sunday, mid-morning. Sitting on a small table, notebook, pen and thoughts. A coffee as a companion. A rose behind me, the sound of a bird somewhere in the air. Not a voice, not a rumor. Peaceful, restful, relaxing. We all need these moments. Picture: Fuji X100F – ISO 200 – F/2.8 – 1/300


Erase. Re-write. Highlight. Do and undo. Find the traces of someone’s thoughts, imagining a sense. Or just a message. Walls in Paris hav a long history, but also a more recent one. Picture: Fuji X100F – ISO 200 f/8.0 – 1/105

Reclaming space

Interesting to observe how public space is being transformed, overnight. You can keep a bistro closed for more than 2 months (due COVID-19), but you can’t prevent ‘les habitués’ to get a glass, a coffee, a cigarette and spend some time in one of the many ‘terrace’ – As lockdown measures are lifted, many bistrosContinue reading “Reclaming space”